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What’s Quantass ?

1 – Universal tool of quantitative assessment of skills of employees and candidates during the recruitments process.
2 – Valuable decision-making tool with the aim of :
–Building rationally, a training plan related to the acquisition of the skills by the employees
–Doing an objective choice during the recruitment

Why quantass ?

1 – To make up a labour market gap.
2 – To establish a rational and objective assessment of skills of employees
3 – To give to the managers and HR, an overview of the learnings of their employees, and their spots for improvements in order to consolidate their training plans for the coming years.

When using quantass

1 – During the recruitments for the candidates for an employment.
2-During the periodic assessments of the employees in their companies.
3- During the teams constitution in case of external expansion.
4- In case of internal restructuring / transfer.
5- In case of business resumption.

Targets for Quatnass

Any company independently of its size and its business :
– Industry
– Services
– Trade sector
– Retail industry
– Building & Civil Engineering
– Transportation – Craft industry
– Recruitment agencies
– Temporary agencies
– Others

About Us

Our Ambition
Our Business , Your Decision !

Getting it right in order to allow us to implement this valuable tool with the support of the international network of trusted partners

Operational Strategy

1 - Elaboration of various activities
2 - Implementation of an algorithm based on a SMART methodology
3 - A graphical representation under 2 models

  • Rating of Skills

    Quantitative rating of skills of associates and Candidates

  • Decision Making Tool

    Give to managers and human resources, an overview of the achievements

  • Help to build Training plan

    identify the spots for improvements of associates and will give them an overview

  • Black Box Algorithm , 2 models

    A for candidates during the recruitment) and (B for associates)



Joel Mounif
Joel Mounif
Founder & CEO of Quantass

I am an EHS professional who has been working over 20 years in several industries (Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Nuclear, Oil and Gas, Electronics, etc) in various functions (EHS Manager, EHS Lead Assessor, EHS Expert and currently EHS Director) by leading Occupational and EHS projects, implementing EHS management systems, assessing on over 150 sites in EHS Management Systems on the world, and also involved in Safety culture programs by contributing to the development of behavioral improvement processes.

Carine Benji
Carine Benji
Cyber Security Engineer

Hi , I’m Carine I am Cyber Security Engineer. Cyber Security is my real passion , but I love to explore other domain that can challenge my mind , it’s why I work also for the Quantass project to bring all my Mathematical and technical background to build an algorithm of assessments of skills .

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